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Gypsum Ceiling Board


  • Size: 600 x 600 mm
  • Thickness: 9 mm
  • Light reflectance (%): 85
  • Humidity resistance (% RH): 99
  • Fire reaction: Class 0 / Class 1

    Advantages and Applications:
  • Fast, Easy and Accurate installation
  • Surface: Decorative Vinyl lamination
  • Back Side: Polished Aluminium Foil Backing
  • Easy to Clean and Maintain
  • Typically used in Office areas, Meeting rooms, Showrooms, Restrooms, High Humid areas, Halls, Restaurants etc.

  • Gypsum Ceiling Sections
    It is a main supporting member, which is suspended from the soffit with raw plug, soffit cleat and MS Flat from the soffit with rawl plug, soffit cleat. MS Flat at 1220mm c/c in one row is 1220 mm apart.

    Intermediate Channel
    Used on intermediate support to ceiling sections as a main supporting member at 1220mm c/c and is suspended from the soffit with the help of metal plugs and soffit cleat at 1220mm apart.

    Parameter Channel
    It is used at the perimeter of the ceiling on the wall/partition with the help of nylon sleeves and screw at 610mm c/c.

    Ceiling Angle
    It is used with gypsum board steel strapping in the column and beam encasement system at the flanges and for fixing the outer layer of a double layer partition at external angles.

    Stud Section
    It is used as a vertical member between the ceiling and the floor channels of metal framed partition system; it has knurling to increase strength.

    Floor Channel
    It is used in horizontal metal section at the ceiling and floor in a metal framed partition system.

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