Mineral Fiber Ceiling


  • Mineral fiber ceiling board main parameter:
  • Material: Wet-formed mineral fiber
  • Product Content: Mineral Fiber
  • Surface finish: Factory-applied vinyl latex pain
  • NRC: 0.50
  • CAC: minimum 30
  • Light Reflectivity: Minimum LR 0.80
  • Insulation Value: Average R Factor(at 750F, 24) is 1.31(BTU units),0.23(Watts units)
  • Fire Performance: Meets GB8624-1997B1 Standards
  • Rh90
  • Mold resistance
  • Fiber content: 90%
  • Thermal conductivity: 0.065W/mK
  • Sound absorption: EN20140-1994
  • NON-Asbestos
  • NON-Formaldehyde
  • Density: 280-320kg/m3
  • Water content: =3%
  • Standard Thickness: 12 / 15mm
  • Standard Dimensions: 595x595
  • Edge: square and tegular
  • Design-Pinhole / astral / sand dust
  • Pieces / Box: 12 Pc


Easily cleaned using soft brush or vacuum

Storage and Installation

The relative humidity at the jobsite shall not exceed 70% at 77° F (25°C) during storage and installation. All wet construction work (including masonry, concrete, plastering, painting and related trades) must be completed and thoroughly dried prior to starting installation of acoustical ceilings. Windows and doors must be in place. Adequate ventilation must be available prior to starting installation of acoustical ceilings. Acoustical ceiling panels are not designed to carry loads. If additional thermal insulation is required over and above the ceiling panels, it must be carried directly by the suspension system.

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